The CVON-DOSIS consortium investigates heart muscle diseases.

Our goal


Understanding why one patient with an inherited heart muscle disease dies at young age, while others get old without symptoms.

Research on additional causes has to point out why. Is it the dose that makes the poison?

Our work


The clinical variability in patients with inherited cardiomyopathies is striking: a mutation causes cardiomyopathy in one individual, while the identical mutation is harmless in a direct family member.

DOSIS is directed at understanding the path a mutation needs to travel to become toxic and at testing novel therapeutic approaches in experimental model systems.

Our team


Dosis bundles expertise within the different research fields. It links clinical studies with mechanistic insights obtained from molecular and functional studies in human cardiac muscle samples, cell systems and animal models All together DOSIS plans to uncover the initial but also the advanced stages of inherited cardiomyopathies.

Jolanda van der Velden

Why does the heart break down faster in one patient compared to the other?
It would be great if we could elucidate this with our research.