Mark JansenPhD Student WP1, WP4

Research motivation for CVON-DOSIS

During the second year of his study of medicine, Mark developed an interest in research, cardiology and genetics. Subsequently, he joined the group of Prof. Asselbergs at the cardiology department of the UMC Utrecht, became involved in multiple projects including the UNRAVEL database for cardiomyopathies, completed the Honours Master program and was offered his current position.

As a clinical PhD student, Mark hopes to address the variable and unpredictable penetrance and severity of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. His aim is to improve risk stratification of patients. In this effort, he focusses on patients with Dutch founder mutations in the MYBPC3 gene.  Within this patient population, he hopes to identify predictive biomarkers and risk factors for developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and subsequent complications, such as heart failure and sudden cardiac death. This involves a multimodal approach including genetics, proteomics, metabolomics and questionnaires. As such, Mark will participate in WP1 and WP4 of the CVON DOSIS project.

Education & relevant experience

2011-2014   Bachelor of Medicine, Utrecht University, Bachelor thesis: The Genetic Incidentaloma, ethical considerations in reporting incidental findings of Next Gen Sequencing (Medical ethics, M. Mostert, Utrecht University)

2013-2016 Student researcher Dept. Cardiology, University Medical Center Utrecht, group Folkert Asselbergs. Focus: UNRAVEL database for cardiomyopathies

2014- Master of Medicine, Utrecht University

2014-2016 Honours Master program. Focus: Influence of genotype on age of onset of DCM

2016-  MD-/PhD student, Dept. Clinical genetics and Dept. Cardiology, University Medical Center Utrecht,  group Folkert Asselbergs. Focus: Risk stratification in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy