Rudolf de BoerCo-coordinator CVON-DOSIS

Brief summary of research over the last five years

The translational research group of de Boer merges clinical cardiology and preclinical science and is part of the Heart Failure Center of the University Medical Center Groningen which is considered a European leader in this field. His main interest is the heart’s response to stress, a process which is captured by “cardiac remodeling” e.g. after myocardial infarction or chronic hypertension. The lab uses several means to discover novel regulators of cardiac remodeling and heart failure, including genetic hits from genome-wide gene profiling and cellular screens. Galectin-3 has emerged as a crucial modulator of heart failure and de Boer has published a comprehensive series of bench-to-bed articles describing the importance of this molecule for heart failure. Several other biomarkers are being studied in a similar fashion. Furthermore, the role of diabetes, metabolism and metabolic factors have been explored. In all of these projects, the full span from population studies, to clinical cohorts onto disease models is evaluated. The national CVON-consortium (DOSIS) funded by the Netherlands Heart Foundation allows to expand this research to inherited cardiomyopathies.



Current Positions

Since 2016
Board member and Chair of the Basic Section, Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
(http://www.escardio. org/Sub-specialty-communities/Heart-Failure-Association-of-the-ESC-HFA/About/Board)

Since 2014
Chair of the CardioVascular Center (CVC) of the UMCG

Since 2013
Professor of Translational Cardiology, chair of the Experimental Cardiology



Top 5 recent publications

  • 1.
    Ho JE*, Enserro D*, Brouwers FP, Kizer JR, Shah SJ, Psaty BM, Bartz TM, Santhanakrishnan R, Lee DS, Chan C, Liu K, Blaha MJ, Hillege HL, van der Harst P, van Gilst WH, Kop WJ, Gansevoort RT, Vasan RS, Gardin JM, Levy D, Gottdiener JS, de Boer RA*, Larson MG*.
    Predicting Heart Failure With Preserved and Reduced Ejection Fraction: The International Collaboration on Heart Failure Subtypes.
    Circ Heart Fail. 2016; 9: e003116.
    International consortium with over 28,000 subjects aimed to uncover novel predictors of heart failure.


  • 2.
    van der Velde AR, Meijers WC, Ho JE, Brouwers FP, Rienstra M, Bakker SJ, Muller Kobold AC, van Veldhuisen DJ, van Gilst WH, van der Harst P, de Boer RA.
    Serial galectin-3 and future cardiovascular disease in the general population.
    Heart. 2016; 102:1134-41.
    Largest biomarker study with serial measurements in the general population with ~6,000 subjects.


  • 3.
    Cannon MV, Silljé HH, Sijbesma JW, Vreeswijk-Baudoin I, Ciapaite J, van der Sluis B, van Deursen J, Silva GJ, de Windt LJ, Gustafsson JÅ, van der Harst P, van Gilst WH, de Boer RA.
    Cardiac LXRα protects against pathological cardiac hypertrophy and dysfunction by enhancing glucose uptake and utilization.
    EMBO Mol Med. 2015; 7:1229-43.
    Identification of the LXR-alpha as a cardioprotective factor in a series of heart failure models


  • 4.
    Yu L, Ruifrok WP, Meissner M, Bos EM, van Goor H, Sanjabi B, van der Harst P, Pitt B, Goldstein IJ, Koerts JA, van Veldhuisen DJ, Bank RA, van Gilst WH, Silljé HH, de Boer RA.
    Genetic and pharmacological inhibition of galectin-3 prevents cardiac remodeling by interfering with myocardial fibrogenesis.
    Circ Heart Fail. 2013; 6:107-17.
    Validation of galectin-3 as a target in heart failure (mentioned as Top 10 article of Circulation Heart Failure in 2013)


  • 5.
    Drechsler C, Delgado G, Wanner C, Blouin K, Pilz S, Tomaschitz A, Kleber ME, Dressel A, Willmes C, Krane V, Krämer BK, März W, Ritz E, van Gilst WH, van der Harst P, de Boer RA.
    Galectin-3, Renal Function, and Clinical Outcomes: Results from the LURIC and 4D Studies.
    J Am Soc Nephrol. 2015; 26:2213-21.
    First description of galectin-3 in advanced human renal disease.



Selection of ongoing projects



  • Cardiovasculair Onderzoek Nederland (CVON) research grant. Determinants of susceptibility in inherited cardiomyopathy: towards novel therapeutic approaches. Acronym: Dosis. Coordinators: Jolanda van der Velden & Rudolf de Boer (UMCG). National consortium grant.



  • European Lead Factory/Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI): Galectin-3 inhibitors for the treatment of heart failure
  • Galectin-3 as a Modifiable Risk Factor, NOW-VIDI grant



  • (Pro)renin receptor in cardiac remodeling. NWO-VENI grant